Koko crater pano

Koko crater pano
best view of the island

Saturday, October 9, 2010


OMG i totally died on this one! It was soo hot and i havent hiked in 3 weeks (just hitting gym) so i had zero energy!! I made it total  6 miles and i was dragging my butt each step!

ill post up the hiking shots later, for a change i took pictures of all the plants i saw (yeah , im strange)

no idea what this one is..

Ohia flowers

Ohia flower w/out all the petals

dainty fern

this fern was out in full force and made me glad i had long pants on.

Tiny flower, not many on this trail tho.

No idea...

Really shiny leaves

Tiny flower, tuff to shoot cuz of the wind.

Looked neat, pretty small tho.

Grows on trees

Unknown orchid

Fern but not too many of these on this trail

Really small, grows on trees

really strong leaves

a weed but looked kewl.

this is a tree trunk, super rough. Id hate to try climb it.

tiny flowers, neat that 2 diff colors on same plant.

Pretty purple flowers, not many blooming today.

Lotsa these, no idea.. wonder if taste good? j/k

If u like cherry guava's (think thats what called) there were tons!!

Really thick leaves!

Saw just one of these growing

Orchid right at start of trail..