Koko crater pano

Koko crater pano
best view of the island

Sunday, April 10, 2016

                        Makapuu to Manoa

makapuu lighthouse:easy beginner's hike, hot, great views of shoreline

Makapuu tidepools: easy/med slippery rocks, not clear marked trail,popular swimming holes, dragon's nostrils(blowhole), careful when big surf! very dangerous

Makapuu shoreline: med dont go high tide or big surf.loose rocks, narrow sections,close to waves breaking, hot, lots of tidepools, caves, pele's chair, rock formations

makapuu puka: med, some rock climbing, hot, exposed ridge, big drops, makapuu puka photo spot, views of sealife park

Kamehame ridge: easy beginners just walk up road, illegal, used to have deadmans catwalk, hidden stairs, great views

Kamiloiki ridge: med, ridge hike, hot, not much shade,awesome view at summit, easiest ridge hike, cool heiau, illegal

tomtom trail: med level hike, very steep, hard to find trailhead, great views, great photo opps, illegal

Kaupo 2: med level hike, rock climbing, steep sections, slippery sections, dangerous, great views, fun hike
kaupo 3-7: advanced, very dangerous, rock climbing, slippery sections, dangerous like you fall you die

Mariner's ridge (Kulanui ridge):easy beginner's hike, easiest ridge hike, closed to public, illegal,best views of waimanalo

Hahaione ridge (Mauna ohi ridge): med, slippery sections,easy to get lost since trail isnt that clear, great views at top

Hahaione pyramid rock: med, not easy to find trail, slippery sections, rock climbing,climb down pyramid rock fun but bit dangerous,easy to miss trail back down if doing loop

Kuliouou ridge: easy/med level hike. easy up to the picnic tables, med, safe hike, steep stairs, awesome view at top, top is eroded so be careful, camping allowed, one of the most popular ridge hikes, lots of people during weekends

Kuliouou valley: easy beginners hike, walk in valley thru forest, well marked trail(except ends w/out warning), short, birdwatching, no views, if raining hard theres waterfalls in back

Kuliouou west(Pu'u O'Kona): med level(loop is advanced), steep climb, lots of false summits, crumbly rocks, slippery sections,cross over is longer then you would think, steep part with slippery dirt

Bear claw: advanced hike, dangerous, rock climbing, very dangerous, steep sections, loose rocks, awesome views, you fall, you die sections

Kulipeamoa ridge: med level ridge hike, lots of trees, easy ridge hike except for final summit, very steep with ropes, great view,loops trail to Hawaii loa is advanced (big drops) and easy to miss the connector loop

hawaii loa ridge: med level ridge hike, need drivers license to access trail, limited parking, great hike, well marked, stairs to top, steep, great view at top waimanalo and town

Wailupe ridge: med level, ridge hike, overgrown sections, easy to get lost, steep, great views, loops with Wiliwilinui advanced,connector trail steep
Wailupe middle ridge: advanced, hard to find, trail overgrown, battle thru the uluhe to get to the top, easier to take regular ridge trail

Wiliwilinui ridge: med level, need drivers license trail, limited parking,trail is beginners trail till swing, steep sections, stairs,false summit, great views

Waialae iki ridge: med level, closed hike, overgrown, havent done this one yet

Lanipo ridge: med level, harder hike that takes as long to summit as the return trip from all the up/downs, views of Ka'au crater, summit views awesome,

ka'au crater: beginners to first falls, med level to third falls, mid/advanced summit/loop, best hike on island,semi illegal, limited parking, 3 waterfalls, a hidden volcano, ridge hike, great views

Ka'au crater other falls: advanced, slippery, rock climbing, spikes needed, dangerous if flowing fast, some falls hard to climb

Mount olympus (Waahila ridge): beginners waahila ridge trail, med mount olympus trail, long, lots of steep hills, summit view is breathtaking,

Kolowalu: beginners hike but so steep and doesnt really count as its just another access to Waahila ridge trail
Puu Ohia: beginners trail, easy well marked trail, nice view at top of Manoa valley, great picnic spot, short hike, has connector to Waiakeakua falls trail

Waiakeakua falls: easy beginners trail, hard to find, muddy, mosquitoes,easy to get lost, lots of waterfalls, advanced if you climb the second to last waterfall via rope, loops to Mount Olympus loops advanced(very long and not easy to find)

Manoa middle ridge: med level hike, steep climbs, narrow sections, just views of valley until summit.

Waaloa spring : easy hike thru forest, hard to find trail, lots of mosquitoes, historic site, muddy, slippery,not very exciting

naniuapo falls: easy/med level, slippery rocks, hard to find, easy to get lost, mosquitoes, awesome tall waterfall!

Luaalaea falls: easy/med level,slippery rocks, hard to find trail, med and tall waterfall at the end

Kahuwaiiki falls: med level, slippery rocks, no trail, hard to find, dangerous during flash floood!, tall waterfall.

Manoa falls: beginners hike, well marked trail just renovated, muddy, tall waterfall, crowded, city bus takes you there, great views of forest, super tall trees

Upper Manoa falls: med/advanced, steep climbing using roots and rocks. Crossing over falls if flowing good is dangerous, steep climbs up to the upper upper falls bit dangerous. Flash floods would be bad idea
Ahuilama falls: beginners trail, donation to enter park, botanical garden, lots of flowers, plants, small waterfall that doesnt really flow much, easiest waterfall hike

Ahuilama trail, beginners trail, muddy, dark, mosquitoes, no views except forest, just a connector trail to the tantalus hikes or Konahuanui
Koko Crater: beginners/med level hike,crowded steep, hard, hot, almost 900 feet straight up old railroad tracks, scary bridge in middle to cross(there is side trail around it)false summit, awesome views of sandy beach to makapuu to Diamond head

Koko crater loop: advanced, narrow ridges, big drops, dangerous, illegal, hard to find connector trails into/up from crater floor, hot, windy, crazy views,

Koko crater stone arch: med level, very steep, very slippery if you go under, hard to climb up the bridge, great photo opps under the bridge,

Koko craters new trail up: med level, slippery, steep, hot, very hot, not used much,

Koko head: beginners hike(to top), med level loop, steep sections if doing loop, very hot, on paved road, illegal, great views of Hanauma bay,Koko crater and Diamond head

Koko head stone arch: med level, steep sections, hard to find if you dont know the way, dangerous during big surf, very dangerous to stand on!, dont stand on it! hot hot hot!
Diamond head: easy beginners hike, cost $$ to hike, crowded, walking up paved road and well taken care of trail, great views from Koko head to ewa beach, steep stair sections, dark tunnels, low roof,

Diamond head (from outside crater): med/advanced. mostly medium hike till the almost top then its very slippery with loose ground and no handholds. illegal, hard to find trailhead (secret), great views, hard to get back to starting point.
                  Tantalus hikes:
Pauao flats, Nuuanu trail,Nahuina, Tantalus arboretum, Makiki valley, Kaneolole, Maunalaha, Ualakaa, Moleka: All beginner hikes, walking thru forest, well marked/maintained state trails, some have steep hills, some have slippery muddy sections,mosquitoes, all 100% legal hikes!

Judd trail: Easy beginner hike, walking thru forest of tall trees, stream flowing, small waterfalls, Jackass ginger pool to swim in, mosquitoes, slippery muddy sections

Kalawahine trail: Easy beginner hike, walking thru forest, well maintained trail, joins with pauao flats trail then to Konahuanui trail (med/advanced hike)
                Nuuanu Valley hikes:
Kapena falls: Easy beginners hike, very short,lots of mosquitoes, slippery rocks, there is a spot for high jumping but dangerous, slippery sections,also had Alapena falls lower down the stream, well know spot with locals

Luakaha falls: easy/med level hike, hard to find trail, the "easy" path is trespassing and the grounds keeper will kick you out and threaten to call cops, one of the most beautiful falls on Oahu!, steep climb,loose slippery rocks,mosquitoes, muddy sections.also Upper Luakaha falls which is slippery to get get to.

Kaniakapupu (Kamehameha III summer palace:Easy beginners hike, very short, muddy, slippery, need permit to visit here. Historic spot, if you go, dont climb on walls, dont touch rocks, dont move anything, dont litter, respect the aina!!

Lulumahu falls:easy beginners hike, hard to find trail, very scenic trail, muddy, slippery, mosquitoes, awesome waterfall at the end,crowded, illegal unless you get permit, car breakins are a big problem so dont leave anything in your car! no bags of any kind, nothing of value, there is trail to the upper Lulumahu falls but thats advanced, dangerous hike

Waipuilani falls: not so easy beginners hike, hard to find trailhead and I do mean hard!, slippery rocks, trailblazing, getting lost is the norm, falls are awesome if flowing tho not much water flows down them but its a double waterfall AND there is a heart shaped cave in the bottom/front! only goes in 50 feet or so and does have rats.

Pali notches: advanced hike, illegal, dangerous, rock climbing, narrow ridge walk, windy, scary, muddy, slippery, continues up to Konahuanui which is advanced super dangerous hike!

Pali Puka: med/advanced hike,illegal, very dangeous, some sections are a foot and half wide with 2,000+ foot drops and nothing to hold on to, muddy, slippery, windy, rock climbing, Pali puka scenic spot,trail continues up to Lanihuli which is advanced dangerous hike for pros

Waipuhia falls: beginner/med level hike, hard to find, muddy, slippery, short hike, not much water flows down but when it does, awesome waterfall because the water flows upside down! the strong winds from the Pali blow the water up! Almost nothing reaches the bottom of the falls

Moole valley falls: beginners level hike to first two falls, med level for rest, slippery, very slippery, rock climbing, wet rock climbing, hard to find trail, fun part is going thru mud filled tunnel to first falls, flash floods dangerous, mosquitoes, trail continues up to Lanihuli but thats advanced hike.
               other side of Pali trails
Maunawili demonstration trail: not so easy beginners hike, very long, very very long, well maintained, slippery, forest hike, from Pali all the way to Waimanalo, connector trail to Maunawili falls (over grown trail),not much climbing

Likeke falls: easy beginners hike if taken from golf course, not so easy level from Pali lookout,steep trail back up, easy to get lost, muddy, slippery, mosquitoes, great waterfall thats usually flowing year round

Likeke trail: not so easy beginners hike, very long, great views of forest and koolaus, slippery, ending bit confusing, one way trip to Hoomaluhia gardens. getting back to Pali hard part, mosquitoes

Maunawili falls: easy beginners hike, muddy, slippery, easy to get lost, stream crossings, crowded, very muddy, super muddy, mosquitoes, great popular waterfall with swimming hole,three levels of jumping spots, some very high! there is an upper falls you can get to by swimming in the pool and climbing up. you can also access the falls via Maunawili demonstration trail but thats a very long hike.

Maunawili moss slides: med level hike with some scary sections, steep climbing, muddy, dangerous, mosquitoes, easy to get lost, hard to find trail, bridge is dangerous (one person at a time)drain pipe is dangerous since its slippery and moss covered! the drop below is about 15 onto rocks (dont fall off), moss slides are fun, there is small falls at the top of the left slide

Olomana (three peaks): tough beginners hike to the big rock section, mid level up to first and second peak (if you're very careful), advanced to third peak. steep sections, rock climbing, narrow ridges, big drops, you fall you die sections, dont go if raining, one of the more/most dangerous hike on the island, awesome 360 degree views at top, parking is bad with lots of break-ins, police will turn u away if they are there, still one of the best hikes on the island!

Olomana countour hike: beginners hike that follows the base of Olomana and will lead to the backside if you want to climb that (dangerous advanced hike). very muddy, lots of pigs, easy to get lost, not much views, hot and sticky

Anamolo: advanced hike, climbing down/up the backside of Olomana, rock climbing, dangerous falls, dont do if raining, (haven't done)

Maunawili ditch trail: Easy beginners hike, short, not really a trail more of a connector trail to Maunawili demonstration trail or the Olomana backside trail, muddy, lots of horse poo, and you share the trail with horses. leads to a tunnel trail but thats hard to find and probably illegal

           West of the Pali hikes:

Lanihuli via Kapalama:tough beginners at start, med level rest of the way, long hike, ridge hike with lots of ups and downs, slippery sections, rock climbing, steep climb to top at the ending, great views if not cloudy, can be reached from Pali lookout but thats advanced trail.

Kamanaiki ridge/loop: tough beginners hike, few great views of valley, and graffiti covered water tower, narrow sections, slippery forest floor, rock climbing, stair climbing, there is loop hike but the ending trail hard to find, there is also waterfall back in valley which is slippery, overgrown, no trail, great double level waterfall. Think this trail also connects to Lanihuli but not 100% sure.

Kalihi ice ponds: beginners hike, very short hike, steep sections, illegal, slippery sections, limited parking, lots of mosquitoes, great waterfall with ice cold swimmiing hole

Kalihi valley waterfalls: beginners/med level hike, illegal, easy to get lost, bushwhacking, slippery rocks, muddy, mosquitoes, long, no trails, nice medium level waterfalls

Kalihi saddle: advanced hike, very dangerous, steep climbs, narrow ridges, loose rocks, you fall you die sections, hard to find trail, eroded sections, danger danger hike! don't do it (haven't done)

Bowman trail (Kahualui): med level hike most of the ways, advanced near top, slippery sections, rock climbing, very long, narrow sections, you fall you die sections, awesome Ohia forest at the top, great views of Kailua and beyond if clear,

Tripler ridge:med level hike, advanced near top, long hike, hard to find trailhead, slippery sections, rock climbing, exposed ridge if you cross over to middle ridge, great views at top if clear (haven't done)

Kamananui valley trail (Moanalua valley): easy beginners trail, muddy, slippery, historic valley with bridges, sacred rock, old house thingys, chimneys, mosquitoes, old staircase, more bridges, no climbing, long,hot

Kulanaahane trail: beginners/med level hike, long, slippery , muddy, stream crossings, slippery rocks, hao sections so dont hit your head, easiest trail to the KST, awesome birdseye view of the H3 tunnel, great views of Haiku valley and beyond, windy, dangerous at top if you go too close to edge, there is trail to stairway to heaven, this isnt it! the connect trail there (moanalua saddle) is very eroded, narrow, slippery, muddy, dangerous trail. you fall you will die kind of dangerous, dont do it. there is also trail to stairway to hell in the opposite direction thats an advanced hike for daredevils, narrow sections, slippery sections, rock climbing, crumbly rocks, you fall you die sections

Red hill ridge:med/advanced level hike, long, hard to find trailhead, steep sections, narrow sections, overgrown sections,uluhe fern to battle with,

Godek-Jaskuluski trail: med level hike,steep sections, overgrown, hard to find, (haven't done)

Moanalua middle (Pu'u Keahi a Kahoe): med level hike, long, steep, narrow sections, slippery sections, exposed sections, windy, hot, rope sections, rock climbing, popular way to get to the stairway to heaven, cross over narrow, slippery, muddy, dangerous, not very long, illegal

Moanalua valley waterfalls: beginners/med level hike, long, hot, slippery rocks, hard to find trail, only good to go when/after raining hard, awesome tall waterfall, crashed airplane parts on the trail too, there are other waterfalls to find besides the main one

Halawa ridge: med/advanced hike, long long long!, overgrown, hard to find trail, (haven't done)

Aiea loop:beginners trail, well cleared/maintained trail, slippery sections, muddy, cool views of H3, heiau at beginning, state trail, fun hike for whole family, restrooms and picnic tables at start, lots of parking

Aiea ridge trail: beginner/med level hike, long, hot, narrow sections, great views along the way, overgrown some sections, steep, rock climbing, great views of Kahaluu and beyond,

Kalauao falls (Aiea loop falls):Beginners/med level hike, short, steep, slippery rocks, muddy, cute waterfall but needs rain to flow good. mosquitoes

Waimalu ditch trail(McCandless ditch): easy beginners hike if you're not afraid of dark tunnels, confinded spaces and maybe a roach or two. easy trail, super long tunnels (one we did was 1/2 long), cool caves, well marked and cleared, lots and i mean lots of dog poo on this hike!, cmon people, pick up after your pets!, there was supposed to be a swimming hole and waterfalls but it was dry when i went

Waimalu middle ridge:med/advanced level hike, very long, slippery rocks, climbing, narrow ridges, overgrown, (haven't done yet)

Waimanu tunnels hike: easy beginners hike thru 9 tunnels, muddy, dark, scary, well cleared regular trail, low roof. can access Waimanu falls if after the last tunnel you head down into the valley, steep, slippery rocks

Waimanu ridge trail: med level hike, very very long, slippery sections, well maintained state trail, (haven't done yet)

Manana ridge: med level hike, very long, hot, rock climbing, lots of ups and downs, steep sections near summit, awesome views at top if clear, very well maintained state trail

Waimanu falls: beginners hike, steep sections, well maintained state trail, swimming hole, waterfalls, jumping of rocks, swinging on ropes, mosquitoes,loose rocks, muddy,