Koko crater pano

Koko crater pano
best view of the island

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Today (friday) I finally got the car and hit off to Koko Crater to check out the fire damage. Really an eye opener! All the grass and bushes were gone from just last time i went up. Walking up the burned sections really had an unusual smell. Like sweet burnt wood.

This is from the section right when u hit the access road. I guess the road stopped the fire from burning up the baseball field/parking lot section.
Here you can see how far the fire went. Almost halfway up the side of the crater. Luckily I didnt see any dead animals just a few birds looking for some fried bugs?

This one was closer to the road.. Wonder if I have a shot of it before the fire?
Saw this fire extinguisher in the burnt out section. Wonder if it was from the firemen or from long ago? I started going up the burnt sections looking for anything to take pictures of. Saw lotsa bottles and old metal things.
Looking back towards the gun range where the fire started.
I got a bit further up and was wondering if it was possible to reach the summit from this side when I heard at the gun range "stop firing"! oh oh, was I getting behind the gun range and they saw me? I didnt wanna take chance so I headed towards the stairs lol. Dont wanna get shot in the butt!
This is how close the fire came to the tracks!! It really would have sucked if the tracks got burnt and ruined one of the most popular hikes on Oahu!!
From near the top so you could see how close it came. It wasnt that far from the bridge! And if the fire hit the bridge, it would have gone up like kindling!!
I climbed halfway up the tower thingy at the top to get this shot.
And last shot I ventured as far east as I could to get a shot from above the gun range.
Here's a picture from before the fire!! Sure looked way better then.
Found a great before/after shot!! Hope the area can recover quickly so it returns to what it used to look like.