Koko crater pano

Koko crater pano
best view of the island

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

 Today I was running late so I had to pick a trail that wouldnt take too long. And since I wanted to work on my video clips of each of the trails I've hike, Mariners ridge worked out perfectly.
Its a pretty short hike, just under 3 miles for the round trip and not that much climbing involved. Maybe 1,000 feet total.
This is the hike I usually take newbie hikers on to get a taste of hiking. Mariners Ridge has the highest "bang for the buck" out of almost any hike on Oahu. The view at the top is as good as some 5 mile hikes!!
First shot is the start of the trail. You park pretty close to the start of the trail and just go for it!! Only real word of caution is watch of for the many doggie land mines! Lots of dogs on this trail and lots of uncaring owners who dont pick up afterwards!
 Beginning part of the hike there is almost no cover so try not to go noon unless you have a hat and water!! But cool breezes are always blowing off the mountains so its not as hot as most hikes.
 Restoration area? doesnt look like they doing good job! j/k and secret about this spot is there is a geocache really closeby!!
 Along the way you will see lotsa photo opportunities to get some nice shots of Hawaii Kai and Koko Crater.
 Almost making it to the tree sections and some shade. I doubt its possible to get lost on Mariners Ridge, they trail is so well marked its like a road!
 Another view of Koko Crater. If you want a better shot, just climb up that short hill to the right.
 And finally made it to the forest section of the trail. From here on you are mostly in some shade. I love hikes that have all kinds of ecosystems? terrains?
 And our goal is in sight!! For most hikes, the target you are aiming for sticks out like a sore thumb but Mariners Ridge, you really don't see any target to aim for...
 And more trees to pass thru. Trail is almost always nice and dry. I cant remember ever seeing any mud on this hike. No really hard steep climbs either. And no dangerous spots with death defying drop offs (except at the summit).
 And getting closer to the top. Trail pretty much looks like this almost all the way to the top.
 And here's the view at the top! Didnt I tell you the view is way out of proportion from the amount of work getting here? Awesome hike for whole family. There are 2 "lookout" parts at the top. One you have to climb up some rocks to get to and the other just follows the trail till it comes to and end. But the drop offs are awesome on both! Seems like the thing just goes straight down!!
 View of the Waimanalo coast and Kailua.
 And here's the half way stats:  1.32 miles with 954 feet in climbing. Almost as much climbing as Koko Crater with half the energy spent! Took me less then hour to get up here but I was doing lots of picture taking and video making (yeah, thats my excuse).
 And since it was still early, this is the next part of my hike. But instead of going over the top and climb down the rocks, I took the "new" trail that leads to here. Just head back down the trail until you come to a fork that runs west. Just follow it ...
 Some parts are narrow but nothing dangerous. Way easier going this way then climbing down those rocks.
 See, I'm at the bottom already. Now just follow the trail for another awesome view of Waimanaolo and more!
 Nice bit of shade that went around a rock section. Some parts of this trail are pretty slippery. Only loose dirt that doesnt really pack well so you just slide! So, be careful not to fall!
You even get a nice view of Hawaii Kai? no.. Hahaione?  Forgot where but nice view anyhow..
 And now heading back, I decided to go up the rock section. It's way easier climbing up rocks the down them. And this one isnt hard at all. Lots of handholds and flat sections so you can almost walk up the whole thing.
And here's my final tally for the whole trip. Just bit over 3 miles in distance and only 1,264 feet in climbing. Pretty easy hike if you ask me!